What if I don’t have parking available for the cleaners or gardeners?


Our service providers bring equipment and therefore need parking on-site or within 100 meters of your address.

We understand not every property has parking and this may be the situation at your location. Please be sure to let us know prior to your booking where the service providers can park.

Paid parking fees are not part of your service fee, therefore any additional parking costs will be added to your service.  Our service providers will confirm the parking fee at the completion of your booking, where possible, provide a copy of a receipt.  This fee will be added to your service costs and we will reimburse the service provider on your behalf.

If no parking is provided onsite or public parking space cannot be found, unfortunately, we will have to cancel your service and a fee will be charged to cover the service provider's costs.   Our service provider will look for parking for up to 15 minutes and we will be in touch with you during this time.

We of course want your service provider to have a smooth and seamless arrival to your property, so please provide any parking tips in advance to ensure this information is recorded on your booking and passed onto the service provider.

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