What are my responsibilities on an NDIS clean?


The NDIS provides a Code of Conduct that all providers working with NDIS participants must follow, which can be found by clicking here.

You must always treat participants with respect and sensitivity. You must provide your services safely and competently. If you have any concerns about a participant’s safety or well-being, please raise it with UrbanYou immediately so we can get in contact with their support coordinator or the NDIS. 

If you are assigned a weekly/fortnightly NDIS clean, you must always send the same cleaning team each week/fortnight. You must always try your best to avoid changing times/days of service - if you need to reschedule please get in contact with UrbanYou as soon as possible. Many NDIS participants appreciate having a regular routine. 

You must never assign a cleaner to an NDIS clean that has not been Police Checked and ID checked by UrbanYou.

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