Claim your customer’s rescheduled booking


Providers will now be updated exclusively via the APP ONLY when customers skip or reschedule bookings. We will notify you whether it is for a single event or an entire schedule and must reclaim the booking to continue with the service.

Reclaim a rescheduled booking

Tap the push notification.

When you have the UrbanYou App installed you will receive push notifications instantly if your customer reschedules a single booking or their entire booking schedule.


View rescheduled bookings in your Dashboard.

When a job is rescheduled, you will receive a push notification. All updated bookings will now appear in red and you will need to let us know if you are available for the new date/time of the booking.

Tip: You can also view your rescheduled bookings in ‘Upcoming’ tab to view the entire schedule by searching for the Booking ID.


Tap the booking tile to reclaim booking.

Here we will show you the new date/time of the booking for you to review.

You have 6 hours to respond to the new schedule, after that we will release the job to the network.


Confirm your availability.

If you are available, your booking will automatically update to the new schedule in the app.

If you are unavailable you will be removed from the booking or event.



Late notice? 
If a booking is rescheduled within 24 hours you will receive payment for 2 hours to compensate.


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