How do I reschedule a booking?


You can reschedule your service easily by using the UrbanYou mobile app! No charge applies up until 24 hours before the scheduled service, however later than this will incur a full cancellation fee.

To reschedule a booking

Tap the Bookings tab in the app.

This tab will show you all upcoming and past bookings on your account.


Select the upcoming booking you'd like to reschedule.

Here you'll find all the information relevant to your booking: booking reference number, date, time, frequency of service, location, access instructions, property details, special instructions and booking details.


Scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Reschedule’.

This will allow you to simply reschedule your booking to a later date and time.


Tell us which services you would like to reschedule

When rescheduling a recurring service you'll be given the option of either selecting ‘Only this service’ or ‘This and all future services’.


Select your new date and time

If you have a regular Service Pro, we will do our best to assign them, however if they are unavailable we will send another qualified Service Pro.



Will you let my Service Provider know?

Yes! We will notify your regular Service Provider of the changes. If they are unavailable we will find another Service Provider to complete your service.

Are there any charges if I reschedule my service?

If you reschedule your service within 24 hours of when it is due to begin the full booking fee will apply.



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