What is the difference between a self-managed, plan-managed or agency-managed NDIS plan?


Self-managed NDIS participants manage their own funding and provision of supports and services. Self-managed participants can book cleaning services as normal either online or over the phone and will pay for services by credit card. Participants can then claim these funds back from the NDIS via a payment request.

Plan-managed NDIS participants employ a Plan Manager to help keep track of funding and pay providers for services on their behalf. Plan-managed participants must call our Sales team to book a cleaning service. The services will be invoiced to the nominated Plan Manager who will make payment to UrbanYou on the participant’s behalf.

Agency managed participants have their funding managed directly by the NDIA. Participants (or their support coordinator) must book over the phone with one of our Sales team. UrbanYou will then create a service booking in the myplace portal which will allow us to begin making payment claims against a participant’s NDIS funding.

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